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Rafting on Cetina river


We are taking you to an unforgettable adventure: rafting on Cetina river! You will experience a pleasant three-hour rafting ride and see the beauty of untouched nature!



Rafting on the Cetina river lasts around 3 hours on a 6 km long route. For the comfort and safety,  experienced guides (skippers) are at your service through the whole trip. No previous experience needed, it is enough to know how to swim and you can enjoy the rafting on the river Cetina.

You need to bring: swimsuit , sandals or sneakers , T-shirt , shorts , sunscreen , and dry clothes to change at the end of the trip.


Start:                          09:30 / 14:00

Price:                         200 HRK/ 27 €

Price includes:         rafting, skipper and equipment

Price does NOT include transfer.

Transfer: 150 HRK / 20 € per person

*We approve discount for a group of 6 persons or more!

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