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Split sea kayak tour

Spend a relaxing day paddling around the town of Split and fascinating Marjan hill while enjoying the spectacular views. Take a relaxing morning session or enjoy the magnificent sunset from the sea on the afternoon tour.

Discover local history and culture as you paddle along the coastline, explore fascinating cliffs and beaches, enjoy fantastic views on the surrounding islands and hills. Paddle with your kayak in  the city harbour and experience spectacular view on the 1700 years old palace and Marjan hill above it! Here, you will have an unique opportunity to take a photo in the kayak with the old palace in the background!

Tour highlights:

Marjan hill, spectacular view on the Diocletian palace from the sea, numerous beaches, Sustipan cliffs, Titova Vila (former Jugoslavian dictator Villa), rock pyramids, snorkeling, cliff diving

Activities included:

During the tour, you will be also able to snorkel, try yourself in cliff diving or Deep Water Soloing (rock climbing from the sea)!

Previous experience:

No previous experience needed! Our experienced local guide will provide you training so you will learn the skills to master your kayak and be safe and comfortable on the water.

What to take:

Bring a swimsuit, a hat for sun protection, T-shirt, sunscreen and a towel while we will take care of everything else!

Relax, enjoy and discover!

Tour summary:

Distance: 10 kilometers / 6 US miles 

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Start time: 9 AM, 3 PM

Point of special interest: Nature, culture, sports

Difficulty: Easy

Suggested minimum age: 8 years old

Price:                   300 HRK / 40 €

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